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CNC3470 & CNC3480

Floodstoppers in both standpipe and universal models

All Stainless Snap-Fit Bar Grates

CNC3300,CNC3301 & CNC3302

All Stainless Snap-Fit Bar Grates

Basin Scoop

Basin Scoop

Heavy Catch Basin Scoop w/3/4” FIP Connection

Plumbing Specialties Catalog – Product Index

CNC Plumbing Specialties catalog’s Product Name Index has been provided below. You may search by product with this catalog index, or by using the search function in the left column. Each catalog page has been provided as an Adobe PDF document. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software is required to view the documents.

Product Name Index Page
Aluminum shower rods 1-2
1-Bolt SS Pipe Repair Clamp 4-1
Ball Valves C x C 7-1
Ball Valves IPS 7-1
Ball Valves PVC 7-2
Bar Grates 9-2
Bar Laundry and Flat top stainers 2-2
Bath and Basin cocks 1-7
Bath components 1-1
Basket strainers and parts 2-1
Bell Pattern Flanges – Copper tube size 3-6
Bell Pattern Flanges – Iron pipe size 3-6
Bell Pattern Flanges – Tubular 3-6
Box Pattern Flanges – IPS 3-6
Box Pattern Flanges – Tubular 3-6
Brass Cleanout Plugs – Raised Head 5-1
Brass Cleanout Plugs – Counter Sunk 5-1
Brass Closet Bolts 3-11
Bronze Compression Couplings – Long Pattern 4-4
Bronze Compression Couplings – Short Pattern 4-4
C.I Saddles, Floor Drains, Tees 9-4
C.P Plated Slipnuts Brass 3-9
C.P Tubular Fittings 3-12
Cast Iron 9-1
Check Valves Full Flow 8-1
Check Valves Silent 8-1
Check Valves Solvent Weld Tru Union W/ball valve 8-2
Check Valves Tru Union Solvent Weld 8-2
Chrome Flanges for Copper Pipe 3-5
Chrome Flanges for Iron Pipe 3-5
Chrome Plated Slipnuts and Washers – C.P Slipnuts Diecast 3-9
Chrome Plated Sure Grip Flanges 3-5
Closet Bolts – Brass Plated 3-11
Closet Bolt Parts 3-11
Closet Collars 9-3
Closet Spuds and Parts 1-8
CP F&C Plates- Plastic-CTS 3-8
CP F&C Plates- Plastic-IPS 3-8
CP Floor & Ceiling Plates- Light Gauge CTS 3-7
CP Floor & Ceiling Plates- Light Gauge IPS 3-7
D.T Covers and Snap Fit Bar Grates 5-4
D.W., Ice Maker and Washing Machine Connector UPC and NSF Approved 3-3
Dielectric Unions 3-12
Extension Cover Screws 5-3
Faucet parts 1-6
Flood Stoppers 8-3
Galvanized S.P and L.P Compression Couplings – Long Pattern 4-3
Galvanized S.P and L.P Compression Couplings -Male Adapters 4-3
Galvanized S.P and L.P Compression Couplings – Short Pattern 4-3
Gas Ball Valve 7-2
Hot Water Radiator Vent 7-4
Increasers and Sisson Joint 9-4
Lav drains and legs 1-4
LP PVC Compression Copling 4-2
Mavel Connectors – Female 3-10
Mavel Connectors – Male and Sweat 3-10
Rubber and Poly Slipwashers 3-9
Shower Arms and Heads 1-2
Snap Fit Bar Grates 5-4
Soil Gaskets 9-5
Spud washers, friction rings & brass locknuts 1-8
Stainless 1-bolt Pipe Repair Clamp 4-1
Steel and Stainless Steel Pipe repair clamps 4-1
Steel Hinged Repair Clamp 4-1
SS Extension Covers 5-3
SS lavatory connectors W/brass nuts UPC & NSF Approved 3-1
SS lavatory connectors and Closet Connectors UPC & NSF Approved 3-2
Test and Lead Plugs – Lead Plugs 5-2
Test and Lead Plugs – Metal Test Plugs 5-2
Tools 6-1
Trays 6-2
Tub parts 1-5
Tub spouts 1-3
Wall Mounts, dispensers and air gaps 2-3
Wye Strainers C x C 7-3
Wye Strainers IPS 7-3

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